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Vincent Yannucci is an independent artist with 5 studio produced albums and radio credits worldwide. His musical influence stems from musical talent of Edgar Winter’s “White Trash” with Jerry LaCroix. As a repeat emerging artist on Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory, his music airs on over 600 stations across the U.S. He is also three times Blue Blood artist on Blues Deluxe-North America's longest running syndicated rock/blues music show. His music has reaches a wide audience with features on many commercials across the airwaves. Yannucci is a well-respected artist who has worked with numerous musicians and groups in the past. This 2018 collaboration with Billy Beck will be added to his list of career highlights.

The talents of Vincent, Billy Beck , Rick Ward and John Sferra
come together in 2018 to create a new musical adventure.

"That's The Way" by Groove Country All Stars

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Vincent Yannucci Writer / Producer/ Percussionist

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Updated 2/25/18